About Us

Composite Factory satisfies customer needs with high-quality composite parts that conform to regulations, and exceed customer demands and expectations.

What sets us apart



We surmount customers’ expectations by taking on challenges that exceed our competitors’ capabilities.​

Our Philosophy

Composites factory is driven to excellence by producing quality parts in a timely manner. Through a unique and dynamic working environment, it enables us to take on multiple challenges and deliver.



We manufacture a wide range of composite parts for a variety of different customers through all forms of industries.


Safety & Quality

As an AS9100 certified facility, we follow specifications and regulations, keeping safety and quality our top priority.


Full In-House Service

We are vertically integrated from CAD software, FEA studies, quasi-static testing, impact testing, and R&D through our in-house manufactured tools and developed processes.

Composite factory was founded in 2019 by Joe Hofmann and Guenther Steiner.

Joe Hofmann

Joe Hofmann

Chief Operational Officer

Joe Hofmann comes from an extensive high-performance motorsports manufacturing background. Hofmann began his career in fabrication and machining before entering NASCAR racing. In a decade and a half, Joe went from a top level fabricator and manager at Robert Yates racing to leading the manufacturing department at the new Red Bull Racing NASCAR team. After his post at Red Bull, Joe went to work for Roger Penske where he was part of the new management that went on to win Mr. Penske his first NASCAR championship in 2010 and then the ultimate prize, the Sprint Cup championship, in 2012. Joe has operated as Chief Operational Officer of Fibreworks Composites since its inception in 2009, and co-founded Composite Factory in 2019. Hofmann’s vast manufacturing knowledge, attention to detail and technical leadership gives Composite Factory a competitive advantage.

Guenther Steiner

Guenther Steiner


Guenther Steiner began his career with Mazda Rally Team Europe, and has continued his professional career with Top Run Srl, Jolly Club Spa, Prodrive, M-Sport, Jaguar Racing, and Red Bull Racing. As Red Bull Racing got up and running and moved in a positive direction, Steiner was shifted to another Red Bull Racing project – the formation of a new NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team in Mooresville, North Carolina. Steiner built Team Red Bull into an organization that employed more than 200 people with a budget in excess of $50 million. When Gene Haas began exploring the logistics of creating a Formula One team, he tapped Steiner to lead the effort. Now, the man who has been building throughout his racing career is in charge of building the first American-led Formula One team since 1986. Guenther Steiner is currently the team principal of Haas F1 Team in the FIA Formula One World Championship and Chief Executive Officer of FibreWorks Composites and Composites Factory.

With the success and growth of Fibreworks Composites, the owners decided to expand operations to support customers requiring ISO and AS9100 certification.

Fibreworks Composite & Composite Factory History


Composite Factory is committed to consistently achieving customer satisfaction with product quality and on-time delivery.  This is achieved through our company-wide focus on satisfying all applicable customer, company, legal and AS9100 requirements and our commitment to continuously improve our quality management system.