Design & Development

Composite Factory utilizes its design team to create products from the ground up.

Our design team of Engineers is fully capable of assisting customers with specific applications and constraints, every product is produced using best practices to meet our strict AS9100 standards.

Our engineering team uses several supporting software packages:

Our combination of Engineering, Machining, and Finishing gives Composite Factory the capability to produce several options of mold tooling in a variety of materials to fit your composite production needs.

Materials are optimized for limited use or volume production.

CATIA V5 with the Composite Design Module
Mastercam for CNC programming
Gerber CutWorks for ply cutting

This enables Composite Factory to design your products for maximum performance. Our quality team uses Polyworks Inspection to verify the design intent is met every time.

Our vertical integration of design and fabrication reduces the development cycle time significantly.  We are able to run FEA in parallel with design on structures, mounting brackets and hardware, to optimize laminates for maximum performance and weight.

The Engineering team also creates all of our tool designs.  Our Machining department can create the tools to fit your application.  Whether you need low cost tooling board, fabricated carbon composite tooling, or machine metal molds for high production volumes, we’ve got you covered.

The main benefit of being vertically integrated is that we are capable of delivering final products faster than our competitors.

  • Core Materials
  • Inserts
  • Interior Trim
  • Body Panels
  • Optimization

Core Materials

Our engineering team can determine the right core materials for your application.

Fibreworks Composite Design & Development


Metallic and non-metallic inserts can be incorporated to support load bearing features to prevent pre-mature failure.
Fibreworks Composite Design & Development

Interior Trim

Superior fit and finish for interior applications.

Fibreworks Composite Design & Development

Large Panels

Large panels to reduce weight and improve performance.

Fibreworks Composite Design & Development


We can optimize your designs with Catia SIMULIA to reduce weight while maintaining the required performance.

The Structure, mounting brackets and hardware were analyzed and then tested using dynamic sled testing and quasi static push pull tests.

Fibreworks Composite Seats


Composite Factory is committed to consistently achieving customer satisfaction with product quality and on-time delivery.  This is achieved through our company-wide focus on satisfying all applicable customer, company, legal and AS9100 requirements and our commitment to continuously improve our quality management system.